Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The American Student

If you would have asked me only a year or two ago, whether I would ever consider being an exchange student, I would have said definitely NOT. I would have laughed in your face. I would have given you some lame excuse about how my Italian is not good enough or that I wasn't American enough to be somebody's "American foreign exchange student." And that when my Italian host would introduce me to her friends, they would say that I'm not white enough, or blonde enough, or beautiful enough, or clean enough to be American. Like the Americans that they've seen in all the films. Like Marilyn Monroe or Betty Paige. All of which may be true.
It may very well be true that my Italian is not very good. That they may laugh at me because I stumble over words and verb conjugations. Or because I don't look like the Californians on their TV screens. But I will die before I believe that any one of these reasons, is a justifiable reason for me NOT to go out and see the world. I've realized that. That's what's changed about me in the past year.

It wasn't the fear. I'm scared out of my mind but it's a good feeling. I've grown so fond of this feeling, one that's unparalleled to anything I've ever felt before. Perhaps only to being in love. The same wonder, and passion, but also overwhelming fear.
What is life if we don't do the things that scare us most? Cosenza, ci vediamo presto.


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  2. You are so lucky! Getting to know people with different backgrounds is truly the most direct and convenient way to learn about the culture behind a language.
    Indeed, language barrier is the root of all barriers. But don't worry about it, it will not be permanent. Just try to participate actively in class, then let your Italian classmates give you instant feedback on everything and show you how to improve them. You will be fine!
    Your experience in Italy may not be the brightest highlight in your life, but it'll definitely be the most unique one! Leaving familiar places behind, walking on unfamiliar streets and watching unfamiliar faces and scenery will absolutely bring you fresh experiences and excitement. I believe those intriguing coordinates formed by latitudes and longitudes will witness the maturing of your heart and you will only understand that if you are on the road.

    P.S. When will you be in Cosenza? Please keep updating your life as an exchange student! I am looking forward to read your stories,they’re going to be so interesting!

    1. I will be in Cosenza from early/middle November to early December. Thank you so much for reading! It's so nice to know there are people listening. I can tell you're a writer as well from your comment.

      I will keep my blog updated! Tanti baci xx

  3. Il tuo italiano è perfetto! Spero che ti diventa un mondo!

  4. That's cool Amanda, i think you'll love your time in Italy! All the best for your adventure! Tony :)